Tammy Adams - Maricopa Realtor
Hi there! My name is Tammy and I relocated to Arizona in 2002 and fell in love with our state. In 2004 I decided Maricopa was the place I wanted to live. I loved the small town feel yet the closeness of the “big city”. So I bought a few acres on the outskirts of town right as the City was developing and taking off.

After several years of doing the 347 Highway commute into Phoenix, I decided to become a small businesses owner here in our town which I did for 5 years. Prior to my business, I spent 24 years in the home improvement industry.

During the past 20 years, I purchased over 20 properties as well. (For both personal use and investment) I realized I LOVE real estate! What I love more than real estate is helping others with their goals. What better way to combine my experience and my passions than to become a real estate agent?

You will find I’m about providing great customer service. I listen to your needs & I respond back promptly. I am your partner though the entire process and I promise not to “disappear” on your like some folks can.When you partner with me, you are getting an agent who has walked in your shoes. I’ve purchased homes, I’ve sold homes, I’ve invested in property and I’ve rented homes. Don’t you want an agent who understands your needs?
I want to be your Maricopa Real Estate Agent!

So if you are looking for an honest, ethical agent, an agent that is passionate about helping you with your home / property goals, then I think we might just make a great team!

I’d Love to Discuss Your Real Estate Needs
Tammy Adams