Why Buying a House in the Fall is the Best Option

The cooler temperatures are not the only thing to love about Arizona in the fall. If you are looking for a new house, you’ll also love the prospects you have during the fall. In fact, the fall may well be the best time of year to shop for a new home throughout the country.

Why Buying A Maricopa House In The Fall Is Your Best Option

If you are searching for homes for sale in Maricopa or anywhere else in Arizona, here are a few reasons why you should wait until the fall months:

You Won’t Have as Much Competition

The housing market during the summer is just as hot as the temperatures outside. If you are shopping during the summer, you’ll have to hustle to find a house you want. Forget about trying to save on the list price – you’ll be lucky if you can even make an offer before the house is sold out from under you.

There isn’t nearly as much competition in the fall. That means that you’ll have a little more time to make up your mind, and you might actually be able to negotiate for a lower price or for perks like getting the sellers to pay your closing fees. Work with an experienced Maricopa realtor to develop the right strategy for making lower offers and negotiating the best prices.

You Get More Personalized Service

Not only are homebuyers and sellers busier during the competitive summer market, but so are realtors. If you wait to shop until fall, you’ll get more of your realtor’s undivided attention. Your calls will be returned faster, and you’ll have more options for scheduling your home visits.

You’ll also get more prompt and attentive service from other home professionals, such as auditors, inspectors, movers and real estate attorneys. If you want to perform renovations when you move in, you’ll also have an easier time of scheduling those professionals since they won’t be as in demand.

Sellers are Motivated

Many sellers put their homes on the market during the busy summer season, hoping to make a fast sale for their ideal price. But not everyone is so lucky. Therefore, when you are shopping in the fall, you are likely running into sellers who have spent all summer trying to sell their house and getting their hopes up (and dashed) by potential sales. By the time you are looking at their house, they are ready to sell, and they are likely to make more concessions to close the deal.

You will likely find that sellers are more willing to lower the price of their homes come fall, or they are more willing to make needed renovations or updates. You could wind up with a fantastic home in a coveted community like Province or Rancho El Dorado even if you are on a limited budget, or you could snap up a budget-friendly home and get renovations made before you ever move in.

You Qualify for Tax Breaks before the End of the Year

Fall represents the lead-up to the end of the year, when you need to start thinking about getting all your tax information together. If you wait until the winter or the spring to buy your house, you won’t be able to claim anything from the sale until the following year’s taxes. If you buy now, you can qualify for tax breaks and deductions related to the sale.

If you start paying your mortgage before the end of the year, you can also deduct your property tax and mortgage interest. Depending on the current incentives offered, you may even get a big tax break if you are a first-time homebuyer. Your Maricopa realtor will be able to advise you on what tax breaks or deductions may be available for your particular situation.

You Can Save on Items for Your Home

Picture of A Maricopa House That Sold - The Maricopa Real Estate Company Fall the time that sellers are looking to get rid of the old and make room for the new – both in home sales and in retail. That means that once you move into your home, you’ll also be able to enjoy significant savings on the items you need to outfit your home, from furniture to bedding to dinnerware.

Once you pay for your closing costs and any repairs or updates that need to be made to your home, you likely won’t have a lot left over. The fall sales will help you get the things you need to make your new house feel like your home.

Fall is a Safer Time

Fewer burglaries happen during the fall and winter months, when the temperatures are cooler and there just isn’t as much activity. If you move in during the fall, you have a chance to get settled and get to know the neighborhood during a safer time. You’ll just feel more grounded by settling in during this time.

Overall, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy many more benefits if you buy your home in the fall. You are likely to get a better price, close faster, get better service and enjoy savings on items you need for your home.

At The Maricopa Real Estate Company, you’ll get great service all year long. Our experienced realtors will help you find the perfect homes for sale in Maricopa at the best prices – during the fall and at other times of the year. Contact us today if you are interested in Maricopa homes for sale and set up a time to talk with one of our friendly and experienced realtors.

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