Buying a House? 5 Questions To Ask About The Property & Neighborhood Area

Real Estate Agent’s Guide To Purchase a New Home In Maricopa

Your Maricopa real estate agent is your guide and your partner when you are shopping for a new home. Your agent can give you comprehensive information about the safest neighborhood in Maricopa and the overall area, can give you expert insights about the homes you are considering buying, can connect you with the professionals to assist in your purchase, such as home inspectors and attorneys, and so much more.

Make sure you are working closely with your real estate agent to find the best home to fit your needs, and make sure you are asking these important – though usually un-asked – questions:

Real Estate Agents Selling a Home In Arizona

What Is The Property Sales History & Data?

Knowing the sales history of the house can give you some insights into the overall value of the home, which you can use to put together the best offer. For example, if you know that the last time the home was on the market, the listing expired without a sale, that may mean that you can make a lower offer. Or it may alert you to the fact that there are some unseen problems with the home.

It’s also important to know if the home was ever rented or if it was ever in foreclosure. Both could indicate that there had been damage to the home that could lead to future problems.

What’s Happening In The Neighborhood Of Your Potencial New Home?

The neighborhood where a home is located will have a big impact on its value, as well as on the type of experience you’ll have while living there. You should talk with your Maricopa real estate agent about what is going on in the neighborhood and what kind of changes are expected. For example, there may have been a lot of home sales recently, suggesting a new makeup to the neighborhood, such as an influx of renters. Or there could have been a lot of new development near the neighborhood, which could influence the community negatively or positively.

Your real estate agent will have a lot of information to share with you, but you should also talk to the neighbors and do a little research to find out everything you can.

What Common Home-Buying Contingencies Should I Get?

When you do make an offer on a home, your offer can include some contingencies that allow you back out of the transaction if certain criteria are met. For example, you may include a contingency that the home pass an inspection without any major issues. The contingencies can protect you, but having too many can make it less likely that a seller accepts your offer.

Work with your agent to determine what contingencies you should include with the house you are considering. Your agent will have the experience and expertise to know which contingencies will best protect you for a particular property.

Are There Any Special Home Owners Association Assessments?

If the property is part of a Home Owners Association, you already know that you will have a monthly or yearly fee. However, there can be additional charges, or assessments, that come around from the agency. These are usually large, one-time fees used to pad the association’s escrow account or to pay for large, capital improvements.

Find out if there are any upcoming assessments. You will need to calculate this in the cost of buying or maintaining the property.

Would You Buy this House? Follow Your Realtor’s Advice

Your real estate agent in Maricopa has seen thousands of houses all around the area you’re looking, including that neighborhood and maybe even that house at one point. Your realtor knows the good from the bad, knows how to assess the potential trouble spots that you won’t see, knows the value of the neighborhood and the surrounding community, and more. Your realtor can quickly sum up the value of a house.

One way to get a brutal assessment of that value is to ask your realtor whether they would buy the house you are considering if they were in the market. Some may not feel comfortable giving a personal opinion, but if they do, you know you can trust it.

Always work closely with an experienced real estate agent to find your next home. Your agent is an expert on housing and the market who can help you make the right decisions for your family, your needs, and your budget.

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