Focused on the Maricopa Market, the experts at The Maricopa Real Estate Company are dedicated to finding the right active adult community for you to settle in. We are dedicated to helping those who wish to buy or sell in the extremely versatile housing market in Maricopa. With experience in buying and selling in the Province community, you will find no better realtors to help you navigate the many factors that are essential in helping you choose the right 55+ retirement community in which to settle. These factors include the location of where you wish to settle, the amount of activity that is offered within the community, nearby entertainment, community involvement within the 55+ neighborhood, and many other things that you have probably already considered. To live an active adult lifestyle, the Province community is the perfect destination for you, and the friendly professionals at The Maricopa Real Estate Company are prepared to help.

New Home Builds For Sale In The Province Retirement Community

The plentiful activities in the Province community include a resort style pool and spa, an indoor lap pool, tennis, pickleball, and bocce courts, a beautiful and lush golf course, a fitness center, library, ballroom, and more. Province is the perfect retirement community for the active adult lifestyle you have always wanted. Not only are there plenty of things to do to entertain yourself, but these freshly built homes have many amenities built in specifically for your comfort and appeal. Some of these appealing additions include spray foam insulation for optimum temperature control in your home, top rated appliances and programmable thermostat, vinyl windows, CFL lighting and fixtures that are both energy efficient and pleasing to the eye, weather sensing irrigation, solar energy systems to aid with the energy efficiency in the home as well as water efficient plumbing, fixtures, and toilets to help you save even when it feels like you are living extravagantly.

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The Retreats at Province

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When you are slowly reaching the age where climbing stairs and caring for a larger home is becoming difficult, new home builds in The Retreats at Province are perfect for active adult living and lifestyle. After accomplishing so much in your life and finally having the downtime and relaxation you need, the last thing you want is to have to care for and maintain a larger home than you need. In the Retreats at Province, the new home builds for sale are the perfect size for you and your partner. Situated in a luxurious and beautiful 55+ community, you can have all the perks of a smaller home while also living in opulent bliss.

Many retirement communities feature older homes that don’t quite live up to your expectations, making it harder to downgrade from your potentially larger home that is much more difficult and expensive to care for. Why should you sacrifice style for convenient size? At The Retreats at Province feature plenty of homes that are suited for you for both size and style. The 55+ community at Province is not only the perfect setting for your retirement, but it is also beautifully kept and maintained so that you can enjoy all the features this community has to offer. From quite parks and beautiful water features, to nearby entertainment and activities, The Retreats at Province are a wonderful place to settle.

With new home builds that feature beautifully designed kitchens and bathrooms, these builds are fully customizable to make you feel right at home. Choose from different floorings, wall colors or materials, layouts, and more so that you fall in love with your new home build. If customization isn’t your forte, there are plenty of new builds for sale that are sure to meet your every need. With a variety of layouts and style options, you will surely find the home of your dreams in our beautifully maintained retirement community in The Retreats at Province.

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    The Villas at Province

    When you are climbing in years and you have done everything you hoped you would have in your life, a family, successful career, etc., finding a new place to settle that doesn’t require as much maintenance and care is probably next on your list of things to do. A larger home can be much more difficult to care for, and its once updated and beautiful style has probably become outdated and old. The Villas at Province are here to answer your plentiful prayers. With new home builds and new builds for sale, you will certainly find the perfect home to continue with your much awaited retirement.

    Living in the busy urbanized setting of Phoenix can be somewhat strenuous when you are not up to the hustle and bustle of city life. The Villas at Province are located in the peaceful and beautiful town of Maricopa, where you can retire comfortably. The active adult community at Province is adorned with a beautiful lake for leisurely strolls, recreational activities right within its gates, and plenty of other nearby entertainment that will surely draw you toward the beautifully built community at Province. Choose from plenty of villa styles in the province community for a variety of customization options that are perfect to fit your needs and personality.

    Additional Communities in Maricopa

    The province community has villas starting from the $165k range and reaching modestly to the $184 range. The perfect size for retiring seniors, you can also customize every aspect of your new home build to fit your every taste and need. From flooring and walls, to layouts and extra amenities, crafting the perfect new home build in the Province is your next step in life. With entertainment and activities just minutes away from this gorgeous active adult community, it’s the perfect lifestyle for retirement and luxury. Check out the villas at Province, the beautiful and growing 55+ community and find the perfect new home build today!

    The Estates at Province

    When you are climbing in years and experience, and you want to find a place to settle for a peaceful and relaxing retirement, the Estates at Province and the new home builds for sale are just the thing for you. Taking care of a large, extravagant home is not something you should be doing in your later years. With the maintenance and overall size of such a home, climbing stairs and keeping it well taken care of can quickly become a burden. The moderately sized new home builds in the Province community are perfect for those who do not need the burden of an oversized home. In this beautiful and active adult community, happiness and relaxation is just around the corner.

    Couple Living In Province 55+ Active Adult Community in Maricopa Arizona After accomplishing so much in your life, finding the right sized home that fits in your budget is probably next on your list of things to do. The Villas at Province are moderately priced, beginning in the low $220k to the mid $275k, and varying in size and appeal. Starting at 1300 square feet, The Villas at Province reach modestly to the 1700 square foot range, making sure you have the space you need, and maintaining the balance between size and maneuverability. These beautifully designed homes are perfect for those who seek a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Fully customizable, these new home builds are just the thing to help you start your retirement years.

    The Province community features several different key attractions, including a large lake around which you can take leisurely strolls, a recreation center that is filled with plenty of fun things to take part in, and many other friendly, retired individuals. This active adult community is just minutes from the center of Maricopa, where there is plenty of entertainment and fun. With these new home builds for sale in The Estates at Province, finding the right home to enjoy your retirement is easy and stress free!

    For the most qualified and professional realtors to help you find the best 55+ retirement community in Maricopa, come to the Maricopa Real Estate Company. With the experience and training necessary to find the ideal home for your active adult life, settling in the Province community is your next step in your long, happy life. With plenty of floorplans to choose from, and a different array of amenities and luxuries, including a nearby medical center, golf course, casino, and more, choosing The Maricopa Real Estate Company to find the proper home for you in the Province community is easy.