Top Design Features in Maricopa Homes For sale

What are the most desired features in the Maricopa housing market? Builders and architects weigh in.

When you’re in the market for a new home, your realtor is going to bring you a variety of homes to look at. After walking through a few homes for sale, you should be able to whittle down your list of must haves to close the deal. Here are some of the most desired features concerning homes for sale in Maricopa.

Aspects in the Layout & Design

Different models appeal to different buyers. Here are the most requested layout and design features currently being talked about.

Practicality is the new black, so to speak. Especially popular in the younger generations just entering the house buying marketplace, giving up the bells and whistles for a more streamlined and practical home has become a prominent request. Affordability and less clutter seem to be one of the more important factors over requesting a media room, or other rooms that may or may not be used as often.

Open floor plans, especially those that center around the great room and kitchen, have been popular for quite a few years. Large, open living spaces have taken the place of the formerly requested formal living space. Having an open floor plan can also make a smaller space feel a lot larger, thus creating an opportunity to purchase a smaller home.

Make a floor plan Casita or multigenerational spaces are popping up too. Along with doing away with formal living spaces and dining areas, casitas, and den’s, or flexible spaces, have come into high demand. Having a den that can be used as either a bedroom or office space allows for longevity in the home, as the space can be changed as the need for the space changes. Casitas also offer the ability to create a space that can change purpose as needed. Some homeowners use the space for aging parents, teenagers and older children, or even to run a home business out of. There are so many possibilities for these flexible spaces, making them very appealing to most buyers.

High ceilings are also on most real estate agents list to find for new home buyers near Maricopa. The days of a foyer in a multi-level home has given way to 9-10’ ceilings instead.

Master suite on the main floor is an always popular item on a wish list. For younger families, having separate living spaces for the parents and the kids is preferable. Foraging homeowners, having their main living spaces on the first floor allows them to stay in their homes longer, and with more ease.

Natural lighting is also a big demand when a Maricopa real estate agent is building a list of prospective homes for a buyer in Maricopa. We have lots of sunshine here in Arizona, and most current and prospective residents enjoy the look and feel of natural lighting in as many rooms in the home as they can get it in.

Aspects in the Bathroom

Every generation of homes built offers the latest and greatest of trends. From claw foot tubs to linen closets, here are the most requested features in the lavatory.

Large custom showers have taken the place of the once popular whirlpool tubs. Oversized showers that offer different inlets and nooks for toiletries, and sometimes custom jets, are in high demand, even if it doesn’t leave room for a soaking tub. However, in the case that both the tub and shower are required by a prospective buyer, freestanding soaker tubs are much more desirable.

Humidity-controlled bath fans and motion activated technologies are also on the list of preferential features in the bathroom. These features are good for the care of the home as well as being useful for homeowners who tend to forget to shut them off when they leave, which can cause fire danger. Other small details, like built in nightlights and fans that offer different speeds, are bonus features.

Design for longevity is also becoming a rising trend. Current homebuyers are looking for features that increase safety and offer usability across the aging process. Comfort height toilets and grab bars that can double as a towel holder are innovative features that do not take away from the elegance of homes, while adding to the functionality.

Modern vanities, such as freestanding or floating vanities, are among the more requested design features. They offer the ability to make the space look larger, and create a more open feel to the room as a whole. Pair one of these with a hands-free faucet, and the modern look is complete, with some added convenience and cleanliness.

Aspects in the Kitchen

Any realtor will tell you that the kitchen is what sells the home. It’s the heart of the home. Here’s what’s making the top lists for kitchen demands.

Large kitchen islands are a meeting place for guests, kids, and family. Most social gatherings center around food, so the kitchen would be the place to consort. Oversized islands offer space for socializing, prep work, and serving guests.

Breakfast nooks create a casual dining space, and have become preferential over formal dining areas. Adding a nook just off the kitchen also allows dining to happen in the social center of the home.

Open shelving rather than all enclosed cabinetry open the kitchen, and allow people to showcase their plates and cups. When the shades of the interior décor are neutral, having pops of color in dishes and mugs on open shelving really personalizes the space.

Pantry or other out of sight kitchen storage is a very popular feature. Although there are certainly some items that homeowners would like to showcase in their kitchens, there are many kitchen related items that can be tucked away in a pantry and only brought out when needed. Some home buyers request a space dedicated to extra kitchen storage, and a separate space for their food storage as well.

Quartz countertops are the most requested right now. Their durability, ease of cleaning, and seamless beauty keep a modern, but timeless look in the home. Add stainless steel appliances, and you have a sleek and fresh look in the heart of the home.

On top of these most important centers in the home, small details that are catching attention are outdoor living spaces, community living, charging hubs inside the home, and high efficiency appliances. From larger garage capacity to accommodate a golf cart or living spaces centered around an outdoor barbeque area to community pools and parks, there are so many features available in the home for sale in Maricopa.

Each buyer is going to have their own list of wishes and dreams when they’re browsing homes for sale, and their realtor will be able to narrow their search down in order to find the right home for them. We would love to help you find your wish list home here in Maricopa. Please give us a call at 877-473-7473 to set up a consultation with one of our real estate agents today!


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