Protecting Your Floors on Moving Day For Your Maricopa New Home Build

You finally did it. You built your new, dream home here in Maricopa. You sign the documents, you get those keys, hire the movers, and now it’s time to put your home together. You’ve enjoyed watching the new home build process, seeing your dreams take form before your eyes. The last thing you want to do on moving day is damage those brand new, beautiful floors. You spent a lot of time, energy, and money making your new home look just so, so let’s figure out how to protect those beauties.


Longer, shaggier carpets can snag if boxes are dragged or pushed over them, and can be more than frustrating to repair. And who wants to repair brand new carpeting? There are a few different ways you can protect that carpet on moving day.

Self-adhesive carpet film – It’s easy enough to find rolls of this stuff online, or in the moving section of the local hardware store. It’s just like plastic wrap in that it keeps what’s underneath from being damaged or contaminated while keeping debris and dirt out. You will also want to make sure that the plastic you do get provides a non-slip surface for those who are moving all your household goods into your new home.

Shoe Booties – Your real estate agent probably had a box of these little fashion items by the front door for when he or she showed the house. You can ask that everyone who comes into the house wear these booties to protect your floors from dirt, grass stains, etc. during the move-in process. Don’t buy expensive, long lasting shoe covers since you’re only going to need to use them for the first few days of the moving process. Ask your Maricopa realtor where you can buy a large box of the cheap, disposable booties.

Cardboard in High Traffic Areas – Place large pieces of cardboard in areas that are going to be walked over a lot by the movers. This is a good alternative to having movers set the heavy items down and put booties on every time they go in and out of the house. Make a path for the moving crew to follow, and make sure to adhere the cardboard to the ground. The cardboard will protect your carpet from mud and dirt, but it can get slick just like the plastic covering can.

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Wood floors are durable, but they’re not impervious to damage, especially in the moving process. You’re going to want to protect your wood floors from having heavy items dropped on them or having boxes pushed across them. Here are a few tips and tricks to protecting those wood floors:

1.Use Plywood – use plywood in the living room and kitchen when you’re planning to move the larger items. Although cardboard could protect from scratches, if someone drops a washing machine or a TV, the force could compress the cardboard and dent your wood floors. Lay down some plywood, using either paper or cardboard to cushion the sides and corners since they can also have some rough edges. If something heavy is dropped, the plywood should absorb the force, protecting your new floors.

2.Use Paper – where you expect less foot traffic, you can use kraft paper to minimize the mess and likelihood for scratches. Bedrooms are a good example of a space that will have some foot traffic, but not as much as your new living room will. Make sure you use uncolored paper, because paper that has any sort of dye in it could bleed onto your floors if it gets wet.

3.Use Sliders – Once everything is in your home, and the movers have left, you will more than likely move the furniture around a few times to find the right arrangement. You can use adhesive furniture slides, or slides that the legs of your furniture can set in, so that when you slide the furniture to move it, it doesn’t scratch the wood.


Fortunately, tile floors tend to be very easy to prepare for a big move, and very easy to clean in the aftermath. Use cardboard in the high traffic areas, and like with wood floors, consider using plywood when moving the heavy appliances in. You don’t want something to slip and break one of your tiles. The clean-up is pretty easy for tile floors, so simply using kraft paper to carve out paths for the movers to follow should suffice.

You have made a big investment in your new home build, and hopefully a new friend who happens to be a real estate agent. We hope that any real estate needs you may have in the future, you would consider using our services. Our realtors are full-service professionals here in Maricopa, and are ready to help you in the home buying and moving process in any way that we can. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or real estate requests at 520-350-1091.

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