Top Features of the Desert Cedars Community in Maricopa

We often think of white picket fences and lush green yards when we hear the work ‘quaint’, but something else comes to mind for those of us that live in the Desert Cedars residential community. With just a few hundred houses waiting for people to call them home, the Desert Cedars is the quaint and quiet neighborhood that people have been buzzing about lately. Centered around a maintained and luscious park is the community that offers more than just a smaller size.

Top Features of the Desert Cedars Community in Maricopa

The Maricopa Real Estate Company is one that adores intimate living, and specifically the feeling that we associate with the community that is Desert Cedars. We have enjoyed getting to know the comfort of this smaller residential area and learning just how quaint, cute and quiet it can be. Leading the Maricopa real estate agent world, we get to know our neighborhoods and homes well before we put our clients in them.

Located just off of John Wayne Parkway and Desert Cedars drive sits the humble neighborhood of the Desert Cedars Community in Maricopa. People find this smaller community to be quiet, relaxing and one that provides a better chance at getting to know the people next door. Everyone says you ‘don’t know your neighbors’, right? Well now you can in this cozy community. We want you to find the perfect home for your family, and these homes for sale in Maricopa are sure to please, even located within a smaller residential area.

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Just seconds away from the community is the Copper Sky Recreation Complex which is the pinnacle for sporting, fitness, leisure and recreation within the city. Combined with the multicultural center and regional park, you and your family won’t be bored with this complex as your neighbors, literally. Offering more than just a fancy gym and pool, this center is state of the art from its workout equipment to residential programs that enhance Maricopa living, and the lush green spaces for family fun or weekend getaways. We see location as value, and value is added knowing that a up to the minute facility lays just beyond the communities boundaries.

family in new home in desert cedars Also across the street is the Sun Life Family Health Center. Priding themselves on quality and safety, the Sun Life Family Health Center is a non profit that provides health care across Arizona, including our very own Maricopa. Even one less worry can make your quality of life that much more grand, and with this health center across the street you will rest easy knowing if you need to be, you will be in good hands. As the largest provider of primary health care, routine services and extensive procedures are done with care, ease and the upmost dedication from providers. From cuts and scrapes to more major injuries, you won’t rush down the interstate to make sure everything is ok, but rather, cross the road.

Escape to the park fully equipped with a tot lot in the evenings or enjoy a walk through the grounds. With grassy areas and tons of covered seating it makes it accessible to play in the hot summer months. All the greenery and grassy areas throughout the neighborhood will provide a cool retreat when the sun goes down, or for those days off in mid July.

homes for sale in desert cedars Homes for sale in the Desert Cedars community are spacious and luxurious, ranging from 3,100 to 3,500 square feet. With prices that are sure to please as well, Desert Cedars is not just a small neighborhood without a pool, it’s the cozy and familiar residential area that you’ve been eager to call home. Regardless of being featured as a smaller community, weighing in with 418 homes for sale, Desert Cedars still leaves plenty in terms of choice and customization. These single and two story homes are less than a half hour drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Although Desert Cedars is smaller than many communities in the Maricopa area, this residential community offers relaxation and privacy among its desert landscape that makes it the perfect location for the working professional or small family. Cultivate relationships you hadn’t thought you would as you explore what these homes for sale in Maricopa have to offer.

Little doesn’t mean bad, or boring, instead you’ll find retreat within Desert Cedars. It is our tried, true and trusted Maricopa realtors that make finding the perfect home within a smaller community worth it. These intimate residential areas make for family friendly spaces. Let the Maricopa Real Estate Company take you on a tour of this appealing smaller community and show you the benefits of what this location and these floor plans can offer.

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