Top Features Home Buyers Look for in Maricopa Listings

You are ready to take advantage of the hot Maricopa housing market and sell your home. So you start looking around for a real estate agent and start getting your house ready to make it stand out from the other homes for sale in Maricopa. An experienced real estate agent will thoroughly assess your home and give you tailored feedback for what you can do to make it be more attractive to potential buyers and to sell faster.


To help you understand what to expect from your agent, here are some of the top features that home buyers typically look for in Maricopa listings, whether it is for new home builds or for established properties:

Stainless Steel

stain steel appliances Stainless steel is timeless, it’s stylish, and it’s easy to clean. If you offer stainless steel appliances with your home, it will instantly be more attractive to potential buyers.

Purchasing stainless steel appliances won’t necessarily get you the return you want on your investment. However, if you already have stainless steel appliances, you should consider including them in the sale to sweeten the offer.

Upgrading to stainless steel sinks is one inexpensive option that will increase the appeal and value of your home though.

Granite Countertops

beautiful kitchen in a home for sell Granite countertops continue to be a popular feature of any home. Granite looks beautiful and sophisticated, so it automatically elevates the profile of the home so that it seems more luxurious. Granite is also durable and resists most damage that kitchen countertops take, so it is a practical choice, as well.

Buyers love granite. Upgrading your countertops to granite is one of the best updates you can make to increase the value of your home.

Convertible Spaces

convertible space in a beautiful home Have a loft area that could be used as a bedroom or a home office? Or maybe a formal dining room that could be used as a playroom instead? These convertible spaces are very attractive to potential buyers. They give people the option to use the space however they need or prefer.

You can easily upgrade your space for these purposes. For example, if you have a formal dining room that is sectioned off, you can open it by removing a wall or taking away the doors. Then people have the option to use it as another living space.

Or if you have a backyard shed, you might consider upgrading it so that it could be used as a home office or a mother-in-law suite. You will be adding square footage to your home and increasing its value.

Low Maintenance Spaces

low maintenance home No one wants to spend all their time cleaning house or maintaining the yard. Having a low-maintenance interior or exterior makes your home extremely attractive.

Inside, that would mean having tile or hardwood floors that just need a sweep and a mop to keep clean. It means having tile backsplashes that just need a wipe down. It means having aluminum windows that don’t have to be sealed.

Outside, that would mean having a yard with some evergreen bushes that just need occasional trimming and watering instead of elaborate flower beds that require intensive pruning, weeding, feeding, and more. It means having just enough trees to add shade but not so many that you have to constantly pick up sticks and leaves or cut back dead branches.


check the location of a new home Of course, location is the most important rule in real estate. Already, you are doing well since your home is located in Maricopa and the Phoenix metropolitan area. But when you are assessing your home’s location within Maricopa, you need to think about what is around you. Is it easy to get to grocery stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, and other essential services? Are there plenty of recreational opportunities within a short distance? Are the neighborhood schools high quality?

These and other questions will help you determine the quality of the location of your home. Even if your home is not in an ideal location, you can make it seem better by highlighting the very best that the neighborhood has to offer.


home for sell in maricopa Your home has to be priced well enough to make you a healthy profit but also low enough to be attractive to potential buyers. Finding the right balance can be tricky. That’s where working with an experienced Maricopa real estate agent can be helpful. Your realtor can give you the right perspective of where your home fits in with the current market, and how it can be expected to perform based on historical trends. Your agent can give you advice on what upgrades to make to improve the price, and will then give you the right price range to help you sell the home fast.

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At The Maricopa Real Estate Company, we help our clients create a profile for their homes that include these and other top features that buyers look for when shopping homes for sale in Maricopa. Our goal is to help you sell your Maricopa home quickly and for the price you want. We represent clients looking for new home builds as well as established properties. Contact us in Maricopa today to work with a Maricopa experienced real estate agent who will work hard to help you meet your goals.

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