What Are The Top Features Home Buyers Want In a House?

Top 5 Most Important Features Homebuyers Are Looking For In a Dream House

Buying a house is a critical decision. It is probably the biggest investment for many people in their lives. No wonder why they want to research their options and take their time when it comes to finding the right place. Finding a house with all the features you want is an overwhelming task and can be frustrating if you don’t have a checklist to work with.

You could spend hours searching for the right home or save time by consulting this article first. Read the lines below to see what top features are the best for a dream house before contacting your Maricopa realtor

Top 5 Most Important Features Homebuyers Are Looking For In a Dream House In Maricopa, AZ

Water Features To Enhance The Outdoors

Pools haven’t lost their popularity. Swimming pools are still the most popular feature when buying a house, especially after the pandemic trend from 2020. 

A pool started to seem like a crucial item at the start of COVID-19 because people spent the most time at home. Many pool companies installed pools in more than 95,000 homes in the U.S. 

In short, pools are still on top of the list of features. The hot tub, the more affordable option, is also popular among homebuyers. 

A Nice View

After the pandemic trend, many workers decided to keep working from home at least a few days per week. But, as you can guess, nobody wants to live in a dungeon while working from home. People usually prefer a nice view from the window.

It can be a river view, a lake view, or just a beautiful garden view. Homebuyers want something relaxing and nice to look at while checking emails and attending Zoom meetings.

Great views also allow homeowners to de-stress after a long day at work, whether it is at home or the office. 

A Nice Area For Outdoor Activities

If you ask a Maricopa Real Estate agent what nice feature can improve your lifestyle, they will probably tell you a planned area for outdoor activities.

The indoor-outdoor lifestyle is more than beautiful views and pools. People are looking for more outdoor activities to move their bodies and feel relaxed after working. 

There may be some outdoor activities exclusive to the richest (for example, horseback riding), but others like basketball and tennis are more accessible for most homebuyers. Besides, many people decided to keep their “gyms” at home after COVID-19, so having a nice outdoor area is a must nowadays.

Big Or Enough Space

Big homes are still a top priority for many buyers nowadays. They look for space to work, and at the same time some privacy. That doesn’t mean the house must be huge, but at least big enough to make them feel comfortable.

This feature increased during the pandemic trend because many people wanted to create a nice place for the home office. High ceilings, big lots, and expansive rooms for libraries are some of the preferences among homebuyers.

Moreover, many homebuyers are also looking for big backyards to customize their entertaining systems and gardening areas. Any Maricopa Realtor these days will ask you about the space to make sure they’re offering only the best to their clients. 

Besides, many people chose gardening and “binge-watching” as their favorite hobbies over the last few years, so offering a spacious area to enjoy these activities is necessary.

Updated Kitchens

One of the things homebuyers always enjoy is a modern and convenient kitchen. They want a property that doesn’t need to be updated, and the kitchen is the first thing they check to make sure that. In addition to a modern kitchen, they also want a new roof and bathroom. 

A “turnkey” option is what most people prefer. In other words, a big, open kitchen ready to be used. Homeowners do not want to spend much time on renovations because let’s be honest, construction delays can happen and the timelines can be quite tedious. 

Contact A Maricopa Realtor For More Information

In the end, it will come down to a lot of personal preferences. What one person might consider a deal breaker, another might not even notice. The most important thing is to find a house that provides the kind of lifestyle you want. Whether or not it has 10 bathrooms or an open floor, ultimately depends on whether or not its features suit your needs.

If you’re looking for your dream house, or you want to sell your current house to buy another one, contact The Maricopa Real Estate Company to get started. At The Maricopa Real Estate Company, we offer the highest level of service when buying or selling a house in Maricopa. Contact us now to schedule an appointment! 


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