Choosing The Best Season To Sell Your House

When Is The Best Time Throughout The Year To Sell Your Home?

Selling a home can be challenging and stressful, especially if doing it for the first time. Everyone’s dream is to sell a house fast at a high price, but here’s the thing: Every scenario, location, and market has different variables.

Seasons also influence a house sale. Each season has its unique features and opportunities, so there is no fast rule for selling your house. 

Before selling your house or contacting a Maricopa realtor, make sure to read these recommendations.

When Is The Best Time Throughout The Year To Sell Your Home In Maricopa, AZ

Understanding The Market

Spring is usually the best time to sell a house because it is when most transactions happen, so homes sell faster.

New house listings flood the market each year in May while pending home sales spike as well. 

Homes also sell faster during spring and summer. The median number of homes listed on the market is longer in winter than spring. The usual U.S. home can take 58 days to sell in January, but only 38 in May. 

The time a house takes to sell varies from city to city. In Tucson and Phoenix, the percentage from October to May doesn’t vary a lot, but that small percentage can still make a big difference in the final sale. 

What To Consider When Selling A House

Selling in spring usually means selling faster and at a higher price, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best time for you. 

You have to consider why you want to sell your house first. You may need to sell it because you’re moving to a better home, or you are growing your family, for example. Be sure to analyze this topic before starting the sale process. A Maricopa realtor can be helpful with this task.

Also, consider the time and effort you will need to arrange your home for sale. If you want to sell your house as fast as possible, you may want to focus only on minor repairs. But if you’re not in a rush, you may spend more time on a remodeling project to increase the sale price. 

Seasonal trends aren’t the only thing to consider when selling a house. Other market forces influence your property’s value. That’s why you’ll often hear the real estate market as a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market” depending on how the prices are going for buying and selling. 

Don’t Wait For Spring To Sell

When it comes to selling your house, you might think that the best time is during spring. However, you could be missing out on a lot of potential buyers by doing so. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of selling your house in each season.

Pros & Cons Of Selling In Other Seasons


Selling in the summer is usually similar to selling in spring. Here we have its pros and cons.


  • Many buyers decide to buy a new house or at least contact a Maricopa realtor for listings before the school year starts.
  • You have less competition from other listings.
  • You can be more strategic with your sale because you will have a better idea of how the housing market has performed during the peak months.


  • Summer in Arizona is extremely hot, so it can be a drawback for buyers to come out. 
  • There are fewer buyers on the market because some of them have already chosen their dream house in the spring. 
  • You might have competition from sellers who are speeding up the sales to move in time for fall. 


House sales have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean you cannot sell your house yet. These are the pros and cons to consider. 


  • Selling activity peaks in May, but fewer new listings hit the market in fall, so you have less competition because buyers’ choices decline. 
  • Many buyers are eager to close deals before the holidays.
  • The cost of moving into your next house could be lower. 


  • Home sales are very slow.
  • Buyers may be more flexible with their time, so they can take more time to choose what they want.
  • The weather starts being unpredictable, affecting the housing market. 


A Maricopa Real Estate Agent may tell you that winter is the “worst” season for home buying, although that’s not 100% true. This season has some advantages too.


  • Homes on the market in winter have been listed for many months, and they may have higher prices. Your new listing could attract buyers who have been searching in vain. 
  • Winter buyers are serious buyers, so they won’t be messing around.
  • It is the perfect time for home improvements


  • Many buyers are looking for a deal. 
  • It is very difficult to create the perfect curb appeal
  • It’s the holiday season, so the process gets complicated. 

Contacting a Maricopa Real Estate Company

Ultimately, the best season for selling your house depends on many factors. You must consider many elements at play, and that can be a bit tricky at the beginning. If you want some help deciding the best time to sell your house, contact The Maricopa Real Estate Company today by using our online form or calling us. 

We offer the highest level of service when buying or selling a house in Maricopa, so make sure to call us for better help! 

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