Everything You Need To Know About Acacia Crossings

Live In A Peaceful & Well-Maintained Neighborhood In Maricopa

  • Acacia Crossing Demographics

    Acacia Crossings is a suburban neighborhood with about 739 lots and 739 homes. These homes are occupied by a diverse range of people, including young families. The neighborhood is a quiet, friendly, and welcoming place for all!

  • Top-Rated Schools Near Acacia Crossings

    Located in Maricopa, there are many schools to choose from that are near Acacia Crossings. Highly-rated schools close by include Sundance Elementary and Butterfield Elementary for grades K-8 and Younker High School, and Maricopa High School.

  • Shopping, Dining, Entertainment And Recreational Offerings

    Acacia Crossings is located near the many shopping, dining, and entertainment options that Maricopa has to offer! Whether you’re interested in a formal sit-down restaurant, a casino, or the Copper Sky Recreation Complex, Acacia Crossings is just a short distance away!

  • Highly Diverse Population

    The neighborhood of Acacia Crossings is an open and welcoming place that hosts a highly diverse population. The people who reside there are all different ages, ethnicities, and come from a variety of different life stages.

  • Resident-Driven Lifestyle

    Experience the charm of Acacia Crossings, led by a resident-driven lifestyle. This community offers a unique blend of modern amenities and neighborly camaraderie, creating an inviting environment for families and individuals alike.

Everything You Need To Know About Acacia Crossings

Discover Your Perfect Home In Acacia Crossings Within The Gila River Valley

The City of Maricopa has been one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona since the new millennium. And it is easy to see why. Its beautiful location in the Gila River Valley makes it a very attractive area to settle down. It is so popular with new residents that residential developments seem to dominate the area. The City of Maricopa, of course, has many fantastic subdivisions and communities to call home. Acacia Crossings is one of them.

Find Homes For Sale In Beautiful Gated Communities In Province

Located at the southwest corner of Highway 347 and Highway 238 in Maricopa, it allows its residents to get everywhere in no time at all, makes commuting to work exceedingly easy, and continues to attract new homebuyers from Pinal County and elsewhere.
The many parks in the area and greenbelts that break up the landscape, make it a great place for families with young kids and give it a distinct homey small-town feel.

Discover The Allure Of Acacia Crossings With The Help Of Our Real Estate Agents

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Explore Outstanding Facilities Offered By Acacia Crossings

Exercise In The Sports Facilities Near Acacia Crossings

Sports Facilities

Experience sports facilities just a stone’s throw away!

Visit The Community Playgrounds Near Acacia Crossings, Maricopa

Community Playgrounds

Enjoy the many community playgrounds located throughout the neighborhood!

Walk Around The Parks And Green Spaces In Acacia Crossings, Maricopa

Parks & Green Spaces

Utilize the many green spaces that give the neighborhood a small-town feel!

Professional Team of Real Estate Agents For Acacia Crossings Properties

Our Acacia Crossings Realtors

Professional Team Of Real Estate Agents

For an expert team of realtors who are qualified to help you find the perfect home in which to settle in Acacia Crossings, trust the realtors at the Maricopa Real Estate Company.

Maximize The Sale Of Your Home In Acacia Crossings

Sell Your Acacia Crossings Home

Maximize Your Sale with Expert Guidance

When you want to sell your home in Acacia Crossings, enlist the help of the qualified realtors at The Maricopa Real Estate Company to get your home on the market and ready to sell!

Have Fun At The Community Playgrounds In Acacia Crossings

Community Playgrounds In Acacia Crossings

Fun Tot Lots & Playgrounds

Acacia Crossings features community playgrounds for all to enjoy, so choosing where to settle is easy when you consider the gorgeous and beautifully kept neighborhood of Acacia Crossings.

Basketball Courts And Fields In Acacia Crossings

Basketball Courts & Fields In Acacia Crossings

Experience An Active Lifestyle At Acacia Crossings Community

Close With tons of recreational activities to take part in, Acacia Crossings also features tennis and basketball courts for your enjoyment, as well as grassy areas and other fun activities!

Additional Communities in Maricopa

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When you are looking to buy or sell a home or investment property in Acacia Crossings and surrounding neighborhoods, working with a real estate professional who knows the area gives you the edge you need. It is essential that your agent knows the local market trends, how to market your home for sale or can find you the home of your dreams.
Come and experience the magic of Acacia Crossings. Contact our team of friendly and experienced Maricopa real estate agents today. We can assist you with all your real estate needs and find you your forever home.

FAQs About Living In Acacia Crossings Maricopa

Yes, Acacia Crossings has a homeowners association, and residents are required to pay approximately $63 per month in association fees. The HOA fee typically covers various amenities and services, such as maintenance of common areas, landscaping, and community facilities. Residents benefit from the HOA’s efforts to uphold community standards, ensuring a well-maintained and cohesive neighborhood. Check out the HOA’s specific regulations if you’re considering a move to the area!

Acacia Crossings is a part of a Homeowner’s Association so there are several rules and regulations that must be followed in order to live there. Residents are encouraged to review the HOA’s governing documents, such as the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, and Bylaws, to understand these guidelines in detail. Common areas of focus often include architectural standards, landscaping requirements, noise restrictions, and rules related to the use of amenities. But with rules and regulations come stability and well-maintained areas that all are welcome to enjoy!

Acacia Crossings stands out among other communities in the area for several reasons. First and foremost, its resident-driven lifestyle fosters a strong sense of community and neighborly connections. The community’s amenities, maintained by the homeowners association, contribute to a high quality of life for residents. Additionally, the unique architectural styles or landscaping features may set Acacia Crossings apart, giving it a distinct visual identity. Those that live in Acacia Crossings benefit from a variety of unique characteristics.
To purchase a home in Acacia Crossings, start by engaging one of our experienced realtors at The Maricopa Real Estate Company. We will guide you through property searches, negotiations, and the overall process. Keep in mind the involvement of the homeowner’s association in the community. Our realtors will help you research and understand the HOA rules and regulations, as compliance is crucial for a seamless purchase. Collaborate closely with our realtors and the HOA to ensure a smooth transaction and successful home purchase.
To inquire about becoming a resident of Acacia Crossings in Maricopa, simply reach out to our experienced realtors at The Maricopa Real Estate Company. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide detailed information about available properties, community amenities, and the process of becoming a resident. We’ll guide you through every step, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about living in Acacia Crossings.
Absolutely! Acacia Crossings, nestled in Maricopa, enjoys proximity to a diverse range of shopping and dining options. Residents can explore local malls, supermarkets, and retail centers for their shopping needs. Maricopa’s vibrant culinary scene offers a plethora of dining choices, ensuring residents have convenient access to a variety of restaurants and eateries. This variety enhances the overall lifestyle and convenience of those living in Acacia Crossings.


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