Selling Your Arizona House As-Is: An Easy Guide

6 Helpful Tips For a Quick House Sale

How can I sell my house as-is without any problems? Do people buy homes as-is? If that’s what you are wondering before selling your house, you came to the right place. We’ve got the answers you need so you don’t get lost when selling your home!

Selling a house as-is can be a great option if you want to get out of your home as fast as possible and with less hassle than traditional selling procedures. You may still need a Homestead realtor, but you don’t have to stress about expensive repairs and upgrades.

Learn more about this process by checking our guide below.

Selling an Arizona house as-is

Choose The Right Home Price

If you want to successfully sell your home, you have to understand its current condition and sell it at a fair price. You don’t need to focus on expensive repairs, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your house falling apart. If the house needs urgent repairs, consider completing them before the final sale.

If you choose not to complete the repairs, you may make less on the final sale. The loss varies depending on the type of repairs needed and your local real estate market.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to lower your home’s value by the exact amount the repairs will cost. If you listed your house lower than others in the same area, potential buyers shouldn’t ask for an extra discount off.

Don’t Forget Small House Improvements

We already said that you can consider urgent repairs. However, if you cannot make these repairs, you can always opt for minor improvements to get the best selling price possible.

Working on the little things can help improve your home’s appearance and catch more potential buyers.

A Tortosa real estate agent can help you set the best price for your house if you decide to work only on certain upgrades.

Disclose All The Information About Your House

This step is crucial if you have decided to sell your house as-is because you don’t want to spend money on repairs. Hiding information about real damages could cause some trouble if potential buyers notice them later. You want to avoid that!

Disclose all the information by completing a pre-inspection of your home. This way, you will be able to acknowledge everything found in the report and set the price quicker and easier. You won’t have to negotiate the price further because you already mentioned the problems in the house.

Aim To Handle The Highest-Priority Items

Can you complete a few improvements? Consider only high-priority items. In other words, tackle items that potential buyers will care most about.

When buyers consider as-is houses, they already know that homes need a few minor improvements. But, if you aim to deal with the most extensive upgrades (according to your budget), you will make the buyers happier and more interested in your home.

Focus on updates that could cause an unsuccessful sale. You can also talk to The Villages realtors to get better guidance about it.

Search For Cash Buyers

Selling your home as-is by searching for buyers wanting to purchase a house with cash off-market is another great option for quick selling. You can market your home to cash buyers if you want to speed up the process.

Cash buyers are usually house flippers, investors, and buyers looking for a new home improvement project. By selling your home for cash, you can ask for a fair price and consult with cash buyers who need as-is homes for their projects.

Choosing to sell your home to a buyer who purchases with cash off-market can also save you more time. Cash speeds up the closing process, so you will save several weeks or even months from the entire selling process.

Speak To a Top-Rated Maricopa Real Estate Company

There’s more than one option for selling your home as-is, including working with an experienced realtor or real estate agent.

Real estate agents can help you market your home and get the best sale price. They also guide you about your options and help you determine if selling your home as-is would be the best option for you.

A Rancho Mirage real estate agent also understands the local real estate market better than anyone else. These experts can determine the best way to promote your home and attract potential buyers.

If you are looking for a guided selling process, contact The Maricopa Real Estate Company. Our team of experienced realtors will make your selling easier than ever. Reach out to us by phone or email!


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