Small Overlooked Details When Buying a Property

Buying a house is one of the most important and stressful decisions you will make during your adult life, especially if it is your first house purchase. Even when you do all the research, work with an excellent Maricopa real estate agent, and read all the books, it is still the process of actually purchasing a home that offers the best learning experience. Here are five of those lessons that can be learned about details to consider while purchasing a home.

Realtor showing house to a young couple wanting to buying a property      

       1. The Listing is Not Always Accurate

Do not believe everything the listing shows and says. The Maricopa real estate brokerage may not list something as a bedroom simply because it has no closet, but in reality, it could function perfectly as a nursery or extra bedroom. Something listed as an office could also be a rec room, tv room, or storage. 

It can also be quite difficult to determine actual size of spaces like rooms, yard, and garage, without actually seeing it in person. If a certain house has piqued your interest, keep in mind the listing could be incorrect or missing important information. It is best to take time to see it in person. 

       2. Check the Area

Before falling in love with a house, remember to survey the neighborhood and school district where the house is located. Even if you do not currently have kids, if they are in your future, it is extremely important to be aware of school district lines. If you have a strong desire to put them in a specific school, or to avoid a particular neighborhood for any reason, be sure to check that before mentally committing to a certain house and then having to shut it down in your head. 

      3. Look Past the Surface

During your house hunting process, do not be hasty to say “no” to a house just because of ugly paint colors or terrible interior design choices. Remember that paint can change the feel and look of room exponentially, along with a good deep cleaning. After a fresh coat of paint and moving your own belongings in, a house will feel entirely different than it did when you first looked at it with your Maricopa realtor. Consider that you also have the freedom to remodel any area of the home that you particularly hate. 

It is critical to remember that remodeling takes time and financial investment, though. You may be mentally prepared to pay the mortgage, utilities, taxes, and insurance, and you may even be ready to purchase new paint for the whole house. But, it is important to know that even in the newest of homes, things are going to break at some point and not work properly. You may end up needing to purchase a new water heater, brace the foundation, or replace the insulation and drywall in a moldy bathroom. Add to that the cost of remodeling an area that you hated from the start, and your wallet will end up quite empty. None of this is meant to deter you, but to simply help you be prepared as best as possible for your home purchase. 

      4.Find a Reputable Realtor

An excellent, committed Maricopa real estate broker can make all the difference between your home-buying process being smooth or completely awful. A knowledgeable realtor is able to offer wisdom about houses and their price points, give pointers about things you may have overlooked, and provide an unbiased ear to bounce your frustrations and ideas into. Before beginning your home purchase process, do research and find a Maricopa real estate company you trust. It will have a direct impact on your experience of purchasing your first home.

      5.There is No Perfect Home

Unless you have a massive budget, reality is that you will not be able to check off every box on your list. Make a list of needs and wants that you desire in a house, and prioritize them. Take note of the ones that you will not budge on, such as master bathroom, mud room area, or big backyard. Mark down which ones are not as important and that you can be more flexible with. 

While it would be ideal to find the perfect home, that just is not reality and you will need to make some concessions on your wish list. Decide what is most important to you and your family, and be content with whichever home checks the most boxes.

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