10 Tips Every Seller Should Do Before Selling a Property

Selling a home is an exciting time for every homeowner and Maricopa real estate agent alike. There are many preparations to make for the house sale, not to mention decisions to finalize about which repairs and improvements should take priority. It is especially important to avoid making any mistakes during the selling process, so here are ten tips straight from expert Maricopa real estate brokers about things to do before selling your home and property. 

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1. Focus on Curb Appeal

Maricopa realtors encourage homeowners to remember that curb appeal carries more weight than you may realize when selling a home. Spend some time cleaning up your landscape, freshen up the mulch, trim the grass, remove unsightly branches, and plant a few simple flowers. 

A little bit of work can go a long way toward increasing the overall appeal and value of your property. If you completely ignore the exterior landscape and focus only on the interior, potential buyers may drive by and cross your home off their list if the outside is rundown and unkempt.

2. Clear Items Out 

It is important to remove as much clutter and personal belongings as possible when getting your home and property ready for showing. Keep in mind that potential buyers will likely open the fridge and a few cabinet doors, possibly a closet door, and look inside the garage during their showing. Maricopa real estate brokers recommend packing away all your family pictures from the walls, personal awards and memorabilia, and any political décor, along with firearms, jewelry, and any other expensive personal items. 

The fewer personal items that are left inside a home, the easier it is for a potential buyer to imagine their own belongings inside it, making them more likely to fall in love with the home and put in an offer. 

3. Remember the Details

Focus on the details when preparing your home and property for sale. Clean the windows, make sure all the lightbulbs work, and oil any squeaky door hinges. Potential buyers may not notice the specific things you clean or fix, but they will notice that your home has a fresh air and a clean feel overall. Keeping the small details taken care of shows potential buyers that you have been an attentive homeowner and have taken good care of the home.   

4. Stay Neutral

While preparing your home for resale, it may be tempting to pick the trendiest paint colors, appliances, or cabinets. However, experts recommend sticking to tried and true neutral choices as the safest bet for improving resale. Just because something is trendy does not mean everyone likes it, so it is wiser overall to stick to traditional colors and staging furniture.  

5. Remember the “99” Strategy

A popular psychological strategy used by your local Maricopa real estate brokerage and other realtors for selling homes or property is the “99” strategy. Essentially this means that instead of pricing a home at $400K even, it is priced at $399K instead. While the home may be worth the extra $1K, the buyer automatically thinks they are getting a better deal by paying for a home in the $300K range instead of branching out into the $400K range. 

Talk it over with your real estate agent to determine the estimated value of your property, understand the price range for your listing price, and ultimately nail down the final price while employing the 99 strategy. 

6. Check Your Comps

A critical part of determining the asking price for your home is to compare the value of your home to similar homes in your area. Typically, you will want to check only the sales in the last three months, as the real estate market fluctuates so much. The asking price of your home should fall within a 10% margin of the average price in your neighborhood.  

7. Budget for Closing Costs

Buyers often forget about being prepared for additional fees and closing costs such as inspection, appraisal, loan origination fees, and title insurance. Check with your Maricopa real estate company to learn who will be responsible for paying these closing costs. Typically, closing costs are covered by the seller, no questions asked. However, in competitive markets and in more recent days, closing costs are commonly split between both the buyer and the seller. 

8. Check the Inspection Report

Be aware of the information enclosed in your inspection report. It is a critical negotiation tool during the selling process of your home and property. Any issues brought up by the inspection, whether big or small, have a direct effect on the final price of your home and should be addressed immediately. 

9. Inspect All Safety Equipment

While checking over the fine details in your home, be sure to inspect all safety equipment to ensure everything is working appropriately. This includes things such as the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats, fire extinguishers, and more. Keeping these things up to date will help your home inspection go more smoothly, and show potential buyers that you have been attentive in caring for your home.

10. Hire a Professional for Photos

Homeowners often make the mistake of taking photos themselves for their home listing in an attempt to save some money. It is well worth the investment to hire a professional, as they are knowledgeable about taking photos in dimly-lit or well-lit areas. Their valuable expertise will make all the difference in the sale of your home and property, as they specialize in finding the best angles and lighting for every picture. 

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