Increase Your Home’s Online Real Estate Appeal

In these unprecedented times, the housing market is going absolutely crazy. Maricopa real estate agents are seeing houses going under contract in a matter of days, sellers being offered their asking price, and insanely low interest rates for buyers.

However, your strategy of having crowded open houses every weekend and a large number of showings is probably not quite panning out how you imagined. With people staying home as much as possible and avoiding new places and gatherings, selling your house could be more challenging than you expected.

Thankfully, your local Maricopa real estate company has taken everything in stride and still has an amazing track record for getting homes sold in record times. Online sale listings are exponentially more important now that people are choosing to stay home, so our Maricopa realtors have listed a few tips here for increasing the visual appeal of your home.

Couple Packing Books to Increase  Home’s Online Real Estate Appeal

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Again!

Staging your home for appealing pictures can be a more difficult task than expected. The first and most important step is to declutter as aggressively and thoroughly as possible. Clean up all the toys and put them away out of sight. Put away loose books, magazines, newspapers, and the stack of mail that still needs to be addressed. Box up personal photos and mementos.

Experienced Maricopa real estate brokers advise that tucking personal items out of sight allows potential buyers more ability to imagine themselves living there. While family photos are meaningful to you and fun for others to see, potential buyers will have a difficult time imagining it as their own home if it still looks like you are fully settled into the space. The more neutral it appears, the better.

By packing away as many display items as possible, your home will appear clean, simple, and spacious. It can be extremely difficult for a potential buyer to look at pictures of your home and see the actual bones of the space, if it is still filled with furniture, toys, knick-knacks, and pictures. Do yourself a favor and declutter your rooms once, twice, and then a third time, just for good measure.

Reconsider the Layout

While you likely have your rooms arranged in a way that best suits your lifestyle, consider that it may not have the most visual appeal. You may need to rearrange your furniture and other items in a way that is more welcoming to the eye and just makes sense with the layout of the room. It is important to maximize the space on the screen. Awkward room arrangements can cause potential buyers to wonder if the room is too small, oddly-shaped, or simply will not work for their needs.

Clean the House

Be sure to thoroughly clean and dust the whole home before pictures are taken. While potential buyers may not see a single dusty surface on a picture, they will notice if the house appears dingy or fresh. If the home looks dingy or unkept on the pictures, they have every right to assume that you have not taken care of the rest of the house, the roof, the yard, or other aspects that need simple maintenance and care from the homeowner.

Be sure all lightbulbs work so your home is well-lit for pictures, mop the floor, leave even vacuum lines on the carpet, and trust the photographer from your Maricopa real estate brokerage to do the rest.

Send It!

Once you have decluttered and reorganized, considered the layout and arrangement of the rooms, and cleaned everything in sight, your home is ready for pictures! Be confident that you have done everything in your power to increase the online visual appeal of your home and help draw potential buyers in. Now leave the rest of the work to your experienced realtor, and watch the magic happen.

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