6 Expert Realtor Tips to Sell Your Maricopa Home FAST

Maricopa is a thriving real estate market, but that doesn’t mean that you can just list your home for sale and sell it right away. You need to do a little planning to make sure that you sell your Maricopa home fast and for the price you want. That might mean making a few changes to your home, staging it properly, or marketing it the right way.

The best thing you can do is work with an experienced realtor who knows what the market is like for homes for sale in Maricopa and can give you tailored feedback for your home. But you can also keep these tips from expert realtors in mind:

6 Expert Realtor tips to sell your maricopa home, fast

Improve Curb Appeal

showcase your home to sell
The first thing people will see when they pull up to your home is the yard and the outside of the house. If someone pulls into your driveway and sees a large pothole in the concrete, huge dirt patches in the yard, and flaking paint on the siding, that person is likely to have think that your house is run down and old, even if the inside of the house is in perfect condition. People will form a negative opinion of your home before ever coming inside.

You can improve the chances that your house will sell fast by making a good first impression. Paint the house if it needs it. Pressure wash the siding and the driveway. Clean up any trash or clutter out of the yard, like all those “project” pieces that have been sitting in your side yard. Seed and fertilize the lawn so that it is green and lush. Plant some beautiful flowers or bushes in front of the house or along the walkway. Anything you can do to clean up or improve your home’s look will increase its curb appeal and help it to sell faster.

Make Small Upgrades

small improvements to sell your home
You don’t need to make major upgrades to sell your home. In fact, if you do, you probably won’t increase the price of your home in proportion to the amount you spent on the upgrades. Instead, you should focus on smaller upgrades that won’t cost much money but will make a big impact on the look of the home.

Painting is a great upgrade that will make every home look better. Choose neutral colors so that you don’t alienate any potential buyers. Other great upgrades to make include putting new hardware on the doors or cabinets, new sinks, new light fixtures, and new towel racks. You will make the house look newer and well cared for with these inexpensive upgrades.

Get Rid of the Clutter

tips to get my house ready to sell quick

Make your home look bigger and let potential buyers envision themselves in your home by getting rid of the clutter, including personal items. Rent a storage space while you are showing your home, and put everything in it that is not necessary for your day-to-day. Put all those extra kitchen gadgets, Christmas decorations, and childhood mementos away. They will only clutter your home and make it look smaller.

You also want to take down photos and other personal items. You don’t want potential buyers to think they are looking at your home; you want them to see themselves in their new home.

Improve the Lighting

good lighting to impress new homeowners

Good lighting also makes your home look bigger and more inviting. Improve the natural lighting by taking the curtains off the windows and opening the blinds. Put up mirrors and take up area rugs to reflect light and make the rooms appear larger.

Then add accent lighting like lamps or track lighting, and improve the light fixtures where necessary to get better light in the rooms.

Stage Your Home

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Staging your home shows off its best qualities and makes it look more stylish and attractive. You can hire a professional, or you can do it yourself if you feel very confident in your abilities. You may need to buy new furniture to stage your home, or you may just need to rearrange your current furniture and put out some new accent pieces.

Some easy things to add to your home include a few well-chosen pieces of art work, some nice hand towels, some accent pillows, and a few pieces of décor like vases or candles. If you are coming up short on ideas, check out home and architecture magazines.

Hire a Good Realtor

An experienced Maricopa realtor will help you determine the right time to sell your home, the right price to list it at, the right places to advertise it, how to stage it, and much more. The right realtor will help you make all the right decisions to sell your Maricopa home fast and to get the price you want.

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