Maricopa has plenty to offer those who are looking for a new home. Not only can you get more home for your money compared to the surrounding area, but the city also offers plenty of recreational opportunities and easy access to the larger Phoenix Metropolitan Area for all kinds of business and other opportunities. In addition, Maricopa has some great schools, making it an excellent choice for families.

schools in maricopa

If finding a great school for your children is a top priority for you then you might want to frame your search for homes for sale near the best Maricopa schools. An experienced Maricopa realtor from The Maricopa Real Estate Company can help you find the perfect home in the perfect school zone.

Here’s a look at some of the top schools in Maricopa to help you narrow your search:

Leading Edge Academy

This public charter school is located on North Porter Road and is open to grades kindergarten through eight. In 2015, the school scored better than 73.8 percent of elementary schools in Arizona on standardized testing, and its performance has been improving steadily over the years.

Pima Butte

This public elementary school is open to children up through sixth grade. The school ranked better than 76.6 percent of other elementary schools in Arizona in terms of test scores. Performance has varied over the years, but it has remained in a relatively stable zone. The school is located in the Rancho El Dorado community, which has several developments and numerous homes for sale.

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    Maricopa High School

    This public high school is the only one in the Maricopa Unified School District. Approximately 16 percent of the students are enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, and about 43 percent of those pass their exams. The school has a large minority population — 62 percent of the total school population. There are approximately 25 students for each teacher, which gives it a modest student -to-teacher ratio.

    Maricopa is home to numerous other schools, including public, charter, and private schools. There are also numerous options for preschools.

    Some neighborhoods have their own community schools, while some schools bus in children from numerous neighborhoods. Charter schools are open to anyone in the city, and admission is usually based on lottery or application.

    When you work with your realtor, it is important to note that you want to focus on homes for sale near the best Maricopa schools. Your realtor will know the reputation and performance of each of the schools and can give you recommendations based on what you need. Your realtor will take your school and home preferences into account when presenting you with options to ensure that you spend your time only on those homes that will meet your needs. Call us today to start the search for your family’s dream home.

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